Company Name Dynamic Sanito SEA Pte. Ltd.
Services Hygiene Management Consulting Service & Integrated Pest Management Service
Representative Taro Kanazawa
Share capital SGD 375,000
Address 11 Keng Cheow Street #04-10 SINGAPORE 059608
License NEA registered Vector Control Operator (UEN: 201629648N)


Nearly 50 years of expertise

In 1950 in the small city of Odate in Akita, northern Japan, a young woman named Keiko married into the Kanazawa family which was running a candy wholesaler. Keiko became a busy housewife looking after her three children.

She was also in charge of keeping the candy storage clean. Whenever anybody saw a rat, Keiko was blamed for not cleaning well enough. And this is how the idea to start Dynamic Sanito was born. Keiko Kanazawa founded Dynamic Sanito Co., Ltd. in 1969.

Thinking “How am I going to get rid of these rats?”, she bought some rat poison from the store but it didn’t really work. So she had an idea: “Why not place the rodenticide powder where they walk? That way, it’ll get on their paws and they can ingest it bit by bit over a long period of time.” She also added some special ingredients to make more rats interested in eating the powder. It worked, and she managed to get rid of all the rats. She then went on to commercialize the product under the name of Ratmitt, and obtained the necessary Ministry of Health approval as well as a patent. It became a popular product.

Realizing that she wanted to help people with similar problems, Keiko went into business in the local area. In those days, a woman’s place was in the home, and she was doing a job that was not considered very attractive. So of course many of her friends and family told her to quit. And then one day, she received a request from Haneda International Airport to deal with a rat problem they had. She made 12-hour+ trips to Tokyo and got rid of the rats! The airport management were thrilled and they gave us an annual pest control contract for the terminal building. So we set up a Tokyo office, and began handling not only rodents but also other pests such as termites and cockroaches.

In response to customer requests, in addition to pest management services, we now also provide consulting services for pest and hygiene management in various industries covering the whole supply chain (manufacturing facilities, freight and shipping, storage facilities, restaurants & retail). Our services include countermeasures against contamination by foreign bodies and microbes.

In the course of delivering and developing our service in Japan, our clients have asked us if we can help them with pest control in their overseas stores and factories. Dynamic Sanito is built on the history of our founder, Keiko taking some overseas knowhow from a little provincial city and developing it into a business in the huge sprawling Tokyo market. The Dynamic in our company name is based on our motto of “Changing proactively and continuing to expand our boundaries” If people are in need, we will go anywhere to help them! In fact being dynamic in how we approach pest control is our very culture.

We at Dynamic Sanito SEA do not forget the spirit that we inherited from generation to generation. Dynamic Sanito SEA will continue to bring dynamism to pest control here in South East Asia, and help keep companies and the lives of individuals here vibrant, successful and happy.

Taro Kanazawa,
Founder and CEO,
Dynamic Sanito SEA