To satisfy HACCP or GMP guidelines, your hygiene management program must include basic pest management. In order to minimize the risk of pest infestation for your product or facility, it is important that pest activity is throughly monitored and recorded in each area of the facility, then reported in a timely manner. It is also essential that your pest management consultant is able to use the reported data to understand the infestation: which species, the root cause, seasonal trends and any other patterns. This allows him or her to design appropriate treatment plans or preventative measures. A comprehensive pest management program will put you in control of potential pest risks, meaning you can be prepared for any kind of third party audit. Dynamic Sanito SEA is your one-stop hygiene & pest management solution, providing regular pest control services and integrated pest management consulting from start to finish: during the design & construction of your manufacturing facility, or installation of pest control equipment. We offer advice on your hygiene management or cleaning manuals, and research & reporting services for your busienss planning or audit preparation.

Day to day, tenants come and go. To control pest problems at a building level, it requires a comprehensive approach to both communal areas of the building as well as an individual approach for the different types of stores: clothing stores, eateries and supermarkets. Keeping rodents and pests under control is the basic expectation and responsibility of both building managers and the tenants. Both parties should be communicating regularly and tackling the pest problems together to protect the value of their businesses.facility level and tenant level. Dynamic Sanito SEA, with a team of Japanese, Singaporean and Malaysian pest management consultants and technicians, can provide an objective third party survey proposing measures to be implemented at both facility and tenant level. For internationally operated malls or department stores, we can also help develop a standardised cross-border pest management program for your brand.

For every complaint you receive from a customer about a rat, cockroach or fly, 10 or 100 other customers may have noticed and resolved without telling you to never come back to your restaurant. The cost of losing one regular customer can run up to at least a few thousand dollars per year. We recommend you invest in a reliable pest control company like Dynamic Sanito SEA so you can focus on maximizing your business by providing good food and service to your customers. We provide general pest control services (rats, cockroaches, flies) as required by the National Environment Agency of Singapore. We also report hygiene or structural issues causing pest problems, so the store manager can take necessary precautions before the infestation becomes serious. If you are a building tenant and the cause of the pest problem is outside of your rented property, we can conduct a survey to identify the source and provide a report for you to use as a tool to communicate effectively with the building manager.

Pests are becoming a potential risk for the tourism industry and home owners: mosquitoes carrying Dengue or Zika viruses, bedbugs, cockroaches, termites, ants, etc. Mosquito-borne diseases and bedbug problems are becoming especially difficult to prevent as more people are travelling internationally carrying pests or viruses on their bodies and luggage.  If a hotel room is infested by bedbugs, ticks or ants, the cost of not being able to sell the room keeps increasing as the problem persists. It is important to properly identify the source of infestation so treatment will be fast and effective. The wrong choice of treatment methods or pesticides will contaminate the room with unnecessary chemicals leaving unpleasant smells or worse still, causing health issues for your guests. There is a greater risk for home owners especially those living with the elderly, young children, babies or pets. After we identify the species and the cause of the infestation, we explain our treatment methods and and ask for your consent before proceeding.